FAQ for Scan-to-IP

If you are having difficulty setting up Scan-to-IP on your MT2090 device, see the FAQs below to resolve your issues..

What software is needed to use the Scan-to-IP solution?

The Scan-to-IP solution consists of two applications:

  • Scan-to-IP Device Installer. 
  • Scan-to-IP Host.

Based on your requirements you can choose to install both applications or install only Scan-to-IP Host .

Which operating systems support the Scan-to-IP Host application?

The following operating systems support the Scan-to-IP Host application:

  • Microsoft Windows XP (SP2 or later)
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008.

If your host is a Microsoft Windows CE thin client or another Microsoft Windows CE device, e-mail scan-to-ip@npt.dk to purchase the licensed version and request a Microsoft Windows CE specific installer package.

Which operating systems support the Scan-to-IP Device Installer application?

Typically this application is installed on a PC or terminal with the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows XP (SP2 or later)
  • Microsoft Windows 7.
  • Microsoft Windows 8

ActiveSync or Mobile Device Center must also be installed.

What if I have an older MT2090 and the Scan-to-IP application is not preloaded on the device?

Ensure the MT2090 is placed in the cradle and an ActiveSync (Microsoft Windows XP) or Mobile Device Center (Microsoft Windows 7) connection to the host is established.

Windows 8 will automatically download Mobile Device Center if the PC is connected to the internet, this will result in an error from scan-to-ip since the installation will attempt to install it. Ignore the error message and let the Mobile Device Center installation complete.

Download the Scan-to-IP Device Installer application to your PC and run the executable file named Scantoip.exe. Then select the "Install Scan-To-IP" tab and click the "Install Scan-to-IP".

The client application transfers to the MT2090 scanner. Ensure the device remains in the cradle during the installation process.

Is it possible to use hand held mobile devices, other than the Motorola MT2090, with Scan-to-IP?

No. This software is designed to work only with the MT2090 scanner. For a similar software available for a wider range of scanners, please see Moto-scan.

How can I see that the device is ready to scan?

An input field with the title "Barcode" appears on the device display. Beneath the input field a scan history / log field, which also can contain error messages, displays in the log.

If no error messages display, you are ready to scan a barcode into the input field to transfer to the host.

If error messages are displayed, you are not ready to scan. Correct the issues according to the error message.

I can't establish a connection between the MT2090 and the PC or terminal. Both devices seem to be configured correctly.

    • Microsoft Windows XP: Ensure Microsoft ActiveSync is installed.
    • Microsoft Windows 7+8: Ensure Microsoft Mobile Device Center is installed on the PC.
    • These applications can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center.
    • Windows 8 will automatically install Mobile Device Center if connected to the Internet.
  1. In some cases the Windows firewall control may be blocking the communication. Allow communication, or disable the firewall settings, as follows:
    • Microsoft Windows XP: Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel >Security Center and disable the firewall settings or add an exception for scan-to-ip.
    • Microsoft Windows 7: Go to Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Firewall and disable the firewall or add an exception for scan-to-ip.
    • Microsoft Windows 8: Open start and type firewall, click on settings  and click on the firewall shortcut. Disable the firewall or add an exception for scan-to-ip.
  2. It is required to have administrator rights on the PC scan-to-ip is being installed on, please make sure you have sufficient rights to install the software.
  3. Ensure the MT2090 is placed correctly in the cradle. Remove the scanner from the cradle and re-insert it to activate a new hot sync connection with the device.
  4. Reset the cradle: Disconnect all cables from the cradle; attach the USB cable from the cradle to the host. When the PC recognizes the cradle, attach the power supply to the cradle.

I don’t see a barcode on the screen when clicking on the ”Print Device Barcode” button (Scan to IP, Setup tab)

Ensure you have a PDF reader installed on the PC. Download and install the software from the Adobe homepage. NOTE: Some systems required you to close the PDF document and re-open it to print. TIP: If you are using a device with a 2D imager, you can scan the barcode directly from the display (TFT monitors only).

What is the purpose of the "Disable partnership with connected devices? (Scan-to-IP device settings program, “ScanToIP Settings” tab)"

It removes the synchronization messages on the screen each time the MT2090 scanner is docked in the cradle and a connection is established.

What is the purpose of the “Use scanwedge” option (Scan-to-IP device settings program, “ScanToIP settings” tab)?

When needed, the use of the Motorola DataWedge scanning software enables additional options for specific scanning parameters. The MT2090 scanner setup barcodes found in the MT2070/2090 User Guide (p/n 72E-117859-xx), can be used to configure such items as beeper settings, picklist mode, and enable certain barcodes.

How can I get the scanning results into an application on the PC?

Open an application on the host (e.g., Notepad, Word or Excel), ensure it is active and start scanning. You should see the scanned data display in the application.

Can I use my own host application to receive data from Scan-to-IP?        

Yes. If you buy the advanced license it is possible to use a third party host application. In the host application go to Scan-to-IP settings and check “Send to third party host”.

When the scanner sends data to your host, the scanner expects # in return within a short timeframe, to verify data was handled. If you want to send a text message back to the scanner, you can do this by sending a string back:

Good message string: 1GOOD-MESSAGE#

Bad message string: 2BAD-MESSAGE#

The text message between 1 and # or 2 and # will be displayed in the scanner display. To enable text reply messages on the scanner, enable the "OK/ERROR response expected" option when "Send data to third party host" is also enabled.

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